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International Ferry Lines & Cruise Ships Security

The need of securing the passengers of cruise ships and/or international ferry lines within our territorial waters is imperative, in order to ensure European citizens the maximum security standards regardless of the port facility from which they embark.


  • Eliminating the risk of illegal immigration, armed robbery or other unlawful acts against the crew and passengers / cargo
  • Reliable and fast ticket validation / certification of passports / matching passenger-passport
  • Efficient management of large volume passenger movements

What does ICTS Offer you?

ICTS provides security services for international Ferry lines or cruise ships fully harmonized with the standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), European and National Legislation on port security and port facilities.

  • Testing and Certification of Travel Document / Passport
  • Ticket validation
  • Off Port Check In
  • Guarding Services and Passenger Access Control