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EAGLE CBT: Eagle is an innovative training platform using a computer (CBT), which boasts a unique combination of advantages:

  • complete specialization in Aviation Security (Aviation Security)
  • using the latest methodologies CBT (Computer-Based Training)
  • designed by a team of experts in software-driven security experts.

The platform EAGLE CBT covers comprehensively all aspects of education through interactive exercises and testing modules. It also provides a set of courses specifically designed for both training new staff at a basic level and refresher already experienced or certified personnel.


  • Flexibility – Is fully compliant with all international regulations, but also easily modified to cover parallel and each local law – procedures
  • Efficiency – Reduces training costs and time required
  • User friendly – allows the customer full control on the content of education, the creation of courses, tests, etc.
  • Multilanguage – currently supports over 22 languages
  • 24hour Support – A dynamic and experienced team of people is always there to serve the customer with enthusiasm, and thus maintain customer satisfaction at the highest levels

The educational platform EAGLE CBT supports a wide range of educational safety programs that include:

  • DetAct-Identification of individuals under suspicious appearance and behavior
  • PRM – Serve people with reduced mobility
  • Security Agent Training – Basic training security guards
  • ID-Match – Education personal identification
  • Passenger Screening Course – Physical control
  • Hand Search for Bags Course – Checking Luggage
  • Vehicle Search – Upgraded security checks on vehicles entering restricted areas.
  • Customized Courses – Specially adapted courses

Find relevant material information on the EAGLE and EAGLE DetAct at ICTS Europe Systems.