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K9 - Explosive Detection & Identification of Illegal Immigrants

K9 – Explosive Detection & Identification of Illegal Immigrants

ICTS, innovating through its subsidiary DiagNose, provides security services through specially trained dogs that are used to detect unlawful acts of circumvention of security measures (Explosive Detection & Identification Illegal Immigrants). The implementation of biodetection K9 Patrol (dogs), as it is called, is used specifically to detect explosives, cargo security, eradication of illegal immigration but also for military or police purposes. Every working dog is trained to do exactly what is required by the customer.

The DiagNose has:

  • 40 hectares facilities specially designed for the training of dogs and their owners
  • instructors with over 20 years experience
  • State recognition as a certified training center
  • a database of knowledge and experience unique in the world that has been created by combining the experience of the officers of the army and police from four different nations

What services include bioassays for dogs (K9 Patrol):

ICTS fully responds at current challenges, providing high quality security services to the highest quality at the largest airlines in the world.

  • Check possible violation of perimeter security measures
  • Intrusion detection
  • Key Points of Control facilities
  • Locating attempted violation, robbery and theft or other types of attacks security
  • Monitoring and Control entry and exit for passengers and vehicles / trucks, including their contents