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Security Infrastracture

Security Management Installation

Security Management Facility:  Leveraging extensive experience in the aviation and airport security,  the ICTS is the most reliable solution for securing / storage infrastructure and quality control at every critical area, including:

  • Financial bodies
  • Energy
  • Office buildings and shopping
  • Stores Luxury Goods
  • Educational organizations
  • Tourism and Sport
  • Industry and construction
  • Events and conferences


  • Specificity of different infrastructures and the need to adapt
  • Different degrees of risk depending on the region
  • Ability to manage visitor flow when it comes to areas of high concentration of population groups eg shopping malls, stadiums, exhibition centers, hotels, etc.

Solutions (Security Management Facility)

  • Access Control, Mobile Patrol Units, Static Guarding
  • Management Control Centre, Reception Services, ID Card Management
  • Add Security Parking Lot
  • Off Airport Check In