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May 2016 - ICTS Albania sponsored and securitized “The celebration of Europe” concert

ICTS Albania sponsored “The Celebration of Europe” concert dated on 8 & 9th of May. Organized by Culture Foundation Europe was presented at the Theatre of Opera and Ballet (TOB). It showed the values of Europe through music, which was a magnificent melody under the conducting of Jacques Attali and Maestro Gérard Akoka. Further culminating was with the final interpretation of the well-known Inva Mula (soprano), Vikena Kamenica (mezzo-soprano singer) and Klodjan Kacani (tenor).
ICTS Albania securitized the event in high standards. It offered the access control security service, ticketing and bodyguard agents to protect the singers.
The concert was well attended and warmly received by the audience, among them The Prime Minister of Albania, Mr. Edi Rama, former minister of Culture in France, Mr. Frederic Mitterrand, ambassadors in Albania, deputies, artists etc.
This year, “The Celebration of Europe” concert was the biggest event in Albania regarding the day of Europe.

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