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Airline Security

“Delta Air Lines chooses ICTS as the security vendor for its operations”

Airline Security

Modern airlines operate in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment, having to deal with, among others, with the economic crisis, increased fuel prices and intense competition. On top of everything remains the crucial issue of security, especially after the events of 9/11 changed the way industry works worldwide.


  • Proper control of passenger movements
  • Efficient baggage control and baggage reconciliation
  • Travel documents authorization control
  • Catering inspection process
  • Aircraft /ramp guarding & aircraft search

ICTS provides: (Airlines Security)

ICTS fully responds at current challenges, providing high quality security services to the highest quality at the largest airlines in the world.

  • Passengers behavioral analysis unit
  • Passengers profiling
  • Passenger /passport reconciliation
  • Aircraft access control procedures
  • Exterior /interior aircraft inspection method
  • Aircraft parking area inspection & guarding
  • Baggage segregation & reconciliation
  • Inspection of catering premises, and accompanying supplies
  • Off Airport Check In