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Why us

Industry diversification with pioneering solutions!

  • Airport Security: Having the biggest share of security services at Tirana International Airport, we provide a unique combination of experience and pioneering technological solutions to the airport and its collaborating corporations.
  • Airline Security: Modern airlines operate in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment, having to deal with, among others, with the economic crisis, increased fuel prices and intense competition. On top of everything remains the crucial issue of security, especially after the events of 9/11 changed the way industry works worldwide.
  • General Security: Leveraging extensive experience in the aviation and airport security,  the ICTS is the most reliable solution for securing / storage infrastructure and quality control at every critical area.
  • Cargo / K9 Solutions: With extensive experience in the control of cargo and parcel correspondence, ICTS detect any case of transport of dangerous and prohibited items
  • Consulting & Training: The training program for security provided by ICTS covers all positions and hierarchical levels of an organization. The program is to airlines, airports, ports and other critical infrastructure, and includes theoretical education, practical training on the workpiece, and the e-learning platform – Eagle, which has developed in the laboratories of the Research and Development Group
  • Systems Solutions: ICTS, innovating through its subsidiary DiagNose, provides security services through specially trained dogs that are used to detect unlawful acts of circumvention of security measures (Explosive Detection & Identification Illegal Immigrants).