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ICTS Europe Group

 “Upgrading your security to ICTS standards”

ICTS Europe Group

ICTS Europe Group is an International Group – Leader in providing innovative security solutions to critical infrastructures. For 25 years, the Group is responsible for the safety of well-known European airports and international airlines, shipping, industry, research and cultural centers, commercial and international hotel and international financial institutions.

ICTS Europe Group operates in more than 80 locations worldwide and employs more than 10,000 people. ICTS Europe Group provides services internationally to more than 350 clients in Europe, North America, South Africa and the Far East, operating through its 22 independent subsidiaries.

ICTS is internationally recognized in the security industry as the most reliable security company based on its:

  • innovative solutions that continuously evolve
  • the high level of service quality
  • continuous education of staff
  • international experience
  • the dedication of the administration in dealing with different challenges

For more than three decades ICTS specializes in:

  • High quality Security Consulting Services,
  • Crisis Management,
  • Risk Assessment services,
  • Training Security Services


  • Security Audit / Risk Assessment (Audits)
  • Security Plan Draft
  • Security System Quality Control


  • Improving the efficiency of existing security structures through the application of advanced solutions
  • Significant cost savings for the customer
  • Direct comparison with the international environment
  • 25 years of experience
  • ICTS specialized consultants who work continuously alongside clients to identify gaps and then defining, planning and identification of operational and technological infrastructure requirements


Besides the annual training of its 11,000 people, ICTS provides to third parties:

  • Security Guards Training
  • Recurrent Training Security Screeners
  • Documents Identification Training
  • Suspicious Signs and behavior Identification Training
  • Airport Crew Security Training
  • Aircraft Crew Security Training
  • Cruise Crew Security Training
  • Anti-Piracy Best practices
  • Specialized Profilers Training
  • Specially customised courses for certification


  • Numerous programs of basic education, aviation and maritime security
  • Full training in the shortest possible time
  • Using modern audiovisual means for training
  • Competitive Prices
  • Instructors certified by the International Standards requirements and PSA (National Standards & PSA requirements).
  • 25 years of experience in Security Training

Many Subsidiaries, One level of Quality!