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“ICTS Albania” is the Albanian subsidiary of ICTS Europe which was established in Tirana in April 2005. Since then, ICTS Albania provides to Tirana International Airport, all the security services as well as securitizes all the airlines that use Tirana Airport. Among the services that ICTS Albania provides in the aviation sector there are: passenger and baggage X-Ray Screening and Physical search, cargo security, airport ID issuance, CCTV room operation, access control, guarding & patrolling, trainings, security supervision and management, audits, drills, etc.

ICTS Albania has also an extended range of services in the fields of Maritime and General Security conducts its operations on the basis of the Law no.8770, dated 19.04.2001 "On protection and physical security services" and other normative acts issued for its implementation, a company established in compliance with  the LAW no.887 date 19.04.2001 on the “Service  of Guarding and physical Security Protection” requirements .

"ICTS Albania - Integrated Services" Ltd License holder of LN-1430 -04-2010 category a + b,  dated 29.04.2010 given by the Directorate General of Police and the NLC for the following services:

  • Protection and physical security of property,
  • Protection and the physical security of persons, Albanian or foreign citizen,
  • Provision of Aviation security services,
  • Provision of Maritime security services,
  • Transport security services,
  • General security services and other Integrated services.

while the company offers also loss prevention through smart operational models, innovative solutions and technological systems.

In the Maritime sector the services offered includes, all security services (guard & patrol), x-ray screening, training, access control, ID issuance etc.

ICTS in Albania, besides the airport operations at Rinas,  provides security services to Hotels in Tirana, industrial users (bitumen & Petroleum) in broader Vlora region, includind Fier, Selenica, Kocul, etc. In many of the above clients ICTS provides also special losses prevention of assets and property through special guarding and patrolling services, in an effort to minimize pilferage issues.

Many other institutions such as almost all the banks in Albania are also clients of ICTS Albania since we provide to them security awareness trainings and VIP services.

ICTS Albania Facts & Figures

Securitizing Tirana Airport & leading foreign firms since 2005

  • 10 Years exclusive security provider of TIA & Airlines
  • Exclusive Aviation Security Licenses by the State for over 15 years
  • 0 findings in all Audits
  • ACCA Certified Instructors Training numerous clients personnel
  • Screening over 2 mil. of passengers and baggage
  • Checking over 2 mil. travel & legal documents
  • Screening thousand tones of Cargo
  • 180 Staff; Securitizing Airports, Ports, Energy & Various Industries, Corporations & Tourism