Security Auditing

ICTS Albania’s quality assurance procedures are iterative and multidisciplinary, assuring clients the very best services across our fields of activity. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by the establishment of our very own Product Quality Control & Training Department (PQCT). Although managed centrally, the PQCT works locally with each of our subsidiaries to ensure that our services comply with both national security legislation and the internationally recognised ISO standards.

Particular emphasis is placed on operating a multi-tier and comprehensive auditing system, so as to maintain current information on the effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness of all our operations.

Experienced auditors of our company perform full risk assessment evaluating all processes daily operation of staff of the client and the facilities thereof, identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses that might make them vulnerable to security.

With the completion of the audit process, the customer has a thorough analysis of all the problems and needs identified in order to be able to take the necessary steps to ensure the proper functioning of the future.