General Security Services

ICTS Albania provides security service in the most competent and professional manner expected of us by our clients.

ICTS Albania provides the following services in General Security:

  • Access Control Guards
  • Screeners (X-ray & Physical check)
  • Guard & Patrol
  • CCTV Controller
  • Supervisors & Duty Managers
  • Station Manager
  • Bodyguard
  • VIP Escorting
  • Events Security & Ticketing
  • Car Parking Management
  • Receptionist& Front of Desk Services with Security Awareness
  • Travel Document Check Agents & Profilers (interviewers for suspicious signs)
  • Cargo & baggage screeners
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Drivers with Security Awareness

All security officers are trained vigorously and are assured to be loyal to the standards of conduct and appearance. Our guards have thorough experience in securing various corporate.

ICTS Albania is committed to ensuring that the policies, rules and regulations are enforced, the premises are maintained in a safe and secure manner.