Customer Services

The delivery of passenger security services within the airport environment requires a delicate balance of strict enforcement and quality customer service. This task – which is not an easy one – is of paramount importance. ICTS Albania is committed to delivering efficient and effective services with focus on the customer experience.

Our approach to customer service is rooted in our ability to anticipate issues, prevent problems, and periodically audit performance. Clearly defined procedures are in place for the handling of customer complaints. These procedures assist us in determining what measures are needed to prevent the recurrence of incidents and to attain – and retain – customer satisfaction.

It is vital to ensure that those who join ICTS Albania share an interest in the need to deliver a top-quality security service, with focus on customer service. A thorough recruitment process, with client requirements in view, ensures an optimal match between candidate and client needs.

With all new contracts as well as ongoing partnerships, ICTS Albania establishes a level of customer service mutually agreed upon with the client. An understanding of client objectives dictates the passenger/security agent interactions and maps out the level of training given and the manner in which issues are handled. Furthermore, it offers a basis from which our service performance can be enhanced.