Eagle is a comprehensive and cost-effective computer-based training (CBT) platform offering a range of courses designed specifically for the security sector. It provides clients with a complete preferred CBT solution for training, skill development and testing staff on X-ray image detection.  Developed for the demanding Aviation Security sector, Eagle combines our training expertise, the latest CBT methodology, and state-of-the-art multimedia.

With fully interactive exercise and testing modules, Eagle optimises the learning experience by accurately simulating the working environment - resulting in a better understanding of the job in hand.  Eagle embraces every aspect of basic and recurrent training in a variety of different functions.  It provides a comprehensive set of courses, including Introduction to Aviation Security, Basic and Recurrent X-ray Screening, Behavior and Appearance, Security Awareness, Cargo, and General Security training for new recruits.

Eagle also covers:

  • Disability Awareness Training
  • Security Personnel Training – basic security training
  • ID Match - identity (and forgery) verification training
  • Body Search - archway and hand-held metal detector and ‘pat-down’ body searches
  • Hand Search of Bags - techniques for effective hand searching of bags
  • Vehicle Search - advance security inspections of vehicles

Eagle is the perfect solution for basic and recurrent training and is used for certification, testing and job simulation.  Lessons are enhanced by multimedia and thousands of images taken from ‘real’ working environments. Powerful, yet simple-to-use administration and editing tools give unprecedented flexibility and full control over the entire content and learning experience.