ICTS Europe’s canine services subsidiary, DiagNose, is a world leader in the provision of canine security services such as explosives detection, cargo security, anti-smuggling, sniffer and patrol dogs.

DiagNose owns a 40-hectare facility in France, specially established to allow for the provision of the highest level of training of dogs and their handlers. This facility is recognised by government authorities as an approved training centre for canine teams. It is staffed by skilled dog handlers, each of whom has over 20 years of experience.

DiagNose’s unique RASCargO™ system (also known as REST in the UK), which enables dogs to detect explosives in cargo, has been tested and approved by a range of international regulators. It is commercially available at various European and South African airports and is regularly used by leading airlines and freight forwarders, such as DHL.

Clients that ask for canine services include airports, airlines, government agencies, police forces and the financial sector as well as iconic visitor attractions and critical infrastructures.