26 June 2018

ICTS Europe, the French International Security Group with a leading position in Europe, USA and Canada as well, has its operations in over 100 airports, 28 ports and 260 airlines, and it also, collaborates with Hermes Airports in Cyprus for the provision of Aviation Security services at the airports of Larnaca and Pafos, with a variety of different airlines and DP WORLD in Limassol’s port for a wide range of services.

This year ICTS Europe organized its annual Airports Security Operational Managers Summit in Cyprus.

The summit took place in Larnaca on the 25th and 26th of June, where 26 representatives of the ICTS Group’s subsidiaries all over Europe participated. During the summit, the participants had the opportunity to elaborate on the current and future security challenges that airports may face and come up with innovative solutions in favor of the Cyprus aviation market and its touristic sector which inevitably correlated to the country’s economic growth.

Representatives of Hermes Airports, and the wider airport community including the Police presented their views in regards to the aviation sector in Cyprus and ways for further improvement.

In addition, the ICTS Summit focused on the best international practices that can be applied to the Cypriot aviation sector and the optimum ways to maintain security standards and high customer service profile since Cyprus Tourism is extremely important for the country. 

ICTS Vice-President in Paris Mr. Ronen Remetz mentioned «ICTS in Cyprus runs its operations since 2010, employs more than 470 people, who are certified by the Department of Civil Aviation and Police provide unique security services to the Cypriot market. We are determined to transfer every possible international know-how to constantly improve even more the security levels at important infrastructures in regards to the Cypriot transport sector, as tourism and international investments are critical factors that influence the development of the Cypriot economy».

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