ICTS Albania participated in the Open Days Forum on Human Resources activity, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce.

27 June 2018

On June 27, 2018, ICTS Albania became part of the Open Days Forum on Human Resources, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce.

On the first day of this Forum organized by AmCham, the main theme of the discussion was "Talent Acquisition".

This forum will be held in three other days by various companies, with topics such as "Health, Safety & Environment from the Human Resources perspective", "Human Resources Future", "Automation" and "Robotics".

Such forums serve to exchange the experiences of different companies with each other and to improve one of the most important departments in private companies, such as the Human Resources, because it is one of the sectors that has to do with respecting the rights, obligations of employees and their treatment according the law.

The American Chamber of Commerce has already turned in tradition the organizing of this forum, where ICTS Albania as a member has been participating for the second consecutive year.

In this forum our company is represented by the Head of the Human Resources Department, Bora Çuni Gazeli.

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