ICTS Albania attracted for one more year the attention of hundreds visitors at the Labor Fair, at Skenderbej Square on 1st May 2018

1 May 2018

Over 100 people expressed their interest to work at ICTS while the representatives of the company were always available to present to everybody the Job Opportunities and the Remuneration Package of ICTS.

ICTS is world renowned and singled out for its employment package and remunerations far above the market average, its capacity to turn its employees to absolute professionals as per international standards, its evaluation system, the periodic performance Bonuses and Awards, the Internal system of Advancements through the ICTS Career Boost program, the Internship opportunities, its continuous Trainings and the Employee Satisfaction Surveys that conducts every year.

We appreciate the interest shown to our corporate labor propositions by everybody and we reiterate once more our company's ongoing interest to always look for new extra employees to fit to the ICTS' world!

Labour Fair_1 May, 2018.jpeg