French weekend for the staff of ICTS Albania

15 July 2018

This weekend marked the celebration of the National Day for the French Republic in Albania as well. ICTS Albania was engaged in two events over the weekend, organized by the French Embassy and the French Chamber of Commerce in Albania.

The elegant organization of the French Embassy was held on Saturday evening in the premises of the Brigade Palace in Tirana. An event with the participation of the highest level of Diplomatic Corps in Albania, political representatives, civil society, media and other partners of this embassy.

We are very proud that this year the event security was entrusted to ICTS Albania, further deepening its co-operation with the French Embassy, ​​which follows from 2016. We took care that everything was at the same standarts of event.

The event was followed by a more sporty event on sunday, the "Summer Holiday", organized by the French Chamber of Commerce in Albania, in a private setting under the shade of pine trees in the village of Qerret, Durres. ICTS Albania was also the sponsor of the event this year, with the selection of some of the best wines that guests tasted.

There was no way to miss a big screen to enjoy live world championship finals emotions, where the French team played. Joy, cheering, knocking when France was declared the winner of the cup.

A nice weekend for our staff but also for all of our French associates.

Thanks to the French Embassy for the trust given this year! Thank you French Chamber of Commerce for excellent cooperation!