ICTS Albania’ service ethos is based on teamwork, and the company strives to create a workplace where staff are valued and feel valued, and where they are given the opportunity to achieve their professional goals. Based on our vision and values, we design policies that respect human personality, promote the continuous development of human capital and show the strength of the company, which is our people. Every employee of ICTS is viewed as a Brand Ambassador of the company. Particular emphasis is given to health and safety issues and to the development of leadership skills of our managers and supervisors.

Incentives and recognition are also important and are enhanced by policies like rewarding the Employee of the Month and the annual Performance Appraisal. ICTS always takes into account the opinions of our people in order to constantly improve the working environment. In this context, we conduct an annual “Employee Satisfaction Survey”, which offers our staff the opportunity to express their views on specific areas of company operations. The results every year are highly positive and show that our employees feel proud to be working at ICTS, and recognise, among other things, the friendly environment, the effective communication, the excellent customer service and the desire for continuous improvement. Why to choose ICTS Albania:

Job Security

  • Professional Labor Agreement
  • Non-monetary benefits

Safe Work Place

  • OHSAS 18001 Certification
  • Employee Medical Plan

“Investing in People”

  • Employee Recognition – Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Continuous Training & Career Path Development

Brand Strength

  • Leaders in domestic aviation and maritime security market