Our Spirit

ICTS Albania’s consistent growth and success is a genuine testimony to our clients’ appreciation. Our reputation for service excellence and quality gives us a unique capacity to develop long- lasting partnerships with our clients and could be ascribed to four fundamental values that constitute the ICTS Albania spirit:

Client First

We aim to provide an excellent experience to our clients and their customers at all times. We understand that every customer is important to our clients, and as a reflection of our company’s spirit, we are committed to providing each and every individual with the highest levels of customer service.

To us, service means availability and attentiveness, the willingness to listen and the duty to act – promptly and appropriately.

Team Spirit

At ICTS Albania we value integrity, experience and innovation, but above all we value our people. Our staff are at the heart of our business.

We expect our management to develop a positive working relationship within their teams. Team spirit, collaboration, open communication and support from colleagues and management are essential elements in a sound working partnership. They serve to increase our staff’s sense of pride in the team and the workplace, which further strengthens their motivation and commitment to the client.


In the dynamic and fast-paced security industry, ICTS Albania is focused on remaining ahead of the game. Today’s novelties will become tomorrow’s norms, and we are the company that sets new standards.

We encourage creativity and seek new ideas: big and small. We insist on continuous improvement though anticipating change and adapting to it.


As security professionals, our people are entrusted with the most complex of tasks and often with sensitive information.

Trust and integrity are the keys. It is about securing confidence. It is about keeping the promises and speaking the truth.